Not your everyday food blog.

WELCOME! I hope that from the name of the blog that you gathered that this is a about all things food.  It's been a little while since I sat behind a computer to actually do something that didn't involve work, lurking on social media, pinning, online shopping etc. etc.  Though it might have been a while, this is not my first time navigating this blogging world.

What happened to the others and why this new place, why now?  Well, the easiest answer is just life.  I had a personal blog, but then when my life got TOO REAL to write about, I had to take a break from it.  The other blog, Everything But Rice, was a foodie blog...I guess I can’t get away from writing about food.

Soooo why another foodie blog? The most important thing is I love to eat, I LOVE to cook, I love going to different restaurants and trying different* things.  I LOVE LOVE to travel and when I hit the number aka the lottery, I'm chucking a deuce and soaking in the sun on an island in Seychelles or Curacao or Maldives...you get the picture.

About the name. Well without giving out too much information, my name is in the title and when I was a child, there was a movie by the name of Little Shop of Horrors...heard of it? Well at least once a month the movie would come on and quite a few of my classmates would watch and come to school the next day and say "Feeeeeeeed Me Seymore!" I was teased but look at me now! And for the record, I love the movie.

I suppose now you've gotten the nuts and bolts of what this blog is about and I hope that YOU enjoy it and tell a friend to tell a friend.  This will be fun so enjoy the ride!

*Different: i'm not eating any balls, sweetbreads, feet, rocky mountain oysters (they aren't oysters btw) or beets.

"I'm not a foodie, I just eat a lot"...#FMS