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This is my space to share one of my favorite past times…eating. There will be fun food stories and photos to salivate over. So grab a chair and stay a while.



Every so often while window shopping in homeware stores, I daydream about all of the fancy appliances and gadgets I'd have if I had counter space and kitchen drawers in my kitchen. That is...other fancy things besides my beloved kitchen aid. On this particular outing, I saw some items that made me say out loud, in public, "You Can't Be Serious, who the hell would buy this.?!" Then I thought, dammit, I would buy this because who knew that you could have one simple device to core your pineapple? Or that you needed a deviled egg maker? Yes that exists. So I compiled a list of some kitchen items you didn't know you needed. The Summer / Fall edition. 


What's the first food item that makes you think of Summer and Beyonce?

You guessed it, Watermelon! And look at this beauty! A Watermelon Slicer . If you don't want to be a complete savage like I can be while eating watermelon, this will definitely come in handy. #surfboardt


Remember the ice cream sandwiches from your local bodega?

You know the ones with the chocolate and imitation vanilla ice cream? Well guess what, you can make them for yourself. And you can use any real flavor you want, because you're a grown up and you do what you want when you're poppin'. Ice Cream Sandwich Maker

We're staying cool in the heat

And I have something special  for my selfish folks out there. It's an individual popsicle holder. Sure you can buy a multi-pack, but no, save your coins and buy a single serve. Solo Popsicle Maker

It's blazing Hip Hop and R&B outside

and going out there is not an option, but you want ice cream. What do you do? Well if you have the ingredients you can make your own fancy rolled ice cream like this shop in NYC (10 Below Ice Cream) with this updated ice cream maker. Cold Plate Ice Cream Maker

By now, you've probably  had your share of ice cream.

Now we need something fresh and a pain (for me) to get into. Kiwi is delicious and good for a summery fruit salad, and sure you can cut it and peel it, but you don't have time for that. It's summer time. Check out this 2 in 1 Kiwi tool.  If I'm being honest, this was probably the first thing that lit the lightbulb to do this post.

Raise your hand if you love mango but hate the messiness.

This girl! Sure, it's fun to suck on the pit to make sure eat every piece of flesh, but getting there can be sloppy and leave you with a sticky mess (I know how this sounds...get your head out the gutter). Well, look at this, the geniuses at OXO made this nifty little gadget for pitting the mango. Yes it is a MANGO PITTER!

Okay so it's a holiday weekend...

or a regular  weekend, and no one invited you anywhere and / or you didn't feel like leaving the comfort of your home, but you also want to grill and don't have access to outdoor space. Well guess what, we're stepping it up from the ol' faithful George Foreman Grill and trying this fancy granite top grill from Swissmar. You can find it here 8-Person Stelvio Raclette Party Grill.

After watching the second season of Masters of None, I convinced myself that I NEEDED a pasta machine.

Whether I'll use it or not is not the question, but I definitely NEED one. I saw one in a youtube video that I loved. Here is the cheaper version of the Phillips pasta machine and it's still pretty amazing (sidebar: If you want a pricey appliance like my KitchenAid, or even a pasta machine, check out QVC or HSN, they will always have a bargain). Also, it's never too hot for pasta.

I recently became a coffee drinker...for actual taste.

It started because mentally it makes me think that the caffeine is actually working. It also acts as an appetite suppressant AND it also acts as my sugar for the day (on most days). I usually use three packets of raw sugar in a small cup w/ half and half. I then pour it over a larger cup filled with ice. So it's almost like I didn't put any sugar because the ice melts and voila. But, that's not the point. The point is, I want a cool solo serving of coffee. I want to make my own without the Flavia machine, but I don't own a coffee machine. A coworker brews his own coffee and now that I have some Cuban coffee, I want to do the same. This pour over coffee cup seems like it will be the right fit for me. And it's pretty cost effective. 


I LOVE kale and collards, I dislike the process of cleaning and cutting the stems.

Blame my childhood and having to be the person who cleaned the greens on Sundays. So the other day on a visit to the new Harlem Whole Foods, I saw a small, green, non-electronic gadget in the produce section that made me stop in my tracks. Granted this item is definitely not new, but it was new to me and I said, "self, you NEED this." And so do you. It's a kale and herb leaf stripper and a must have if you like to have fresh greens (kale, collard, mustard) for your Sunday dinners or smoothies. 

kale stripper

Raise your hand if you are sometimes too ambitious at the Farmer's Market!

Yes, I am that person. With all of the fresh herbs and veggies and fruit and other yumminess, it's easy to get caught up. But then what ends up happening? The herbs inevitably go BAD. Well guess what, there's a gadget for that. This little herbstick from Lekue is a nifty little device that allows you to freeze your herbs in a compact cylinder for later use. I definitely need this. (yes, I need everything lol). And now you can put the kale and herb stripper to good use! 

That about wraps up this Summer / Fall edition of gadgets that you need. This is a growing list so stay tuned for the Fall / Winter edition. And if you want to submit some gadgets that I NEED to have. Leave a message in the comments! Thanks for reading.